The videos made from the Dominion and Assembly EPs (Carrier Frequency, Wheatstone Bridge and Sonia Betovna) were all made after the music tracks were completed, using images from the movies and videos that audio was sampled from. In an opposite manner the video for Radio Cloktak was made using images from completely different sources than the sampled audio, some in fact from silent movies.

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Radio Cloktak

A celebration of people interacting with Radio technology and broadcasts.



“What I really want is to leave the building on my own terms, and an idea occurs to me. I jog down the connecting hall to the next dorm and find their bathroom. There’s only one mirror, and I peel it off the wall.”

Carrier Frequency

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Our hero travels through time and nuclear war to reconnect with his family, safe in part to the careful attention he paid to the education and warnings from the government…

Wheatstone Bridge

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‘Coverage’ of a simulated war plan action, in the event of an attack,  executed in the US Operation Control Room. Every contingency planned for . . . 

Sonia Betovna

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In many WWII movies and TV shows there is a heroine who is always one step ahead of her allies, and two steps ahead of the nazis. What would it be like to actually be in that situation?