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Brave New Waves – Home Recordings

For a few years I recorded entire overnight broadcasts of the CBC Radio program “Brave New Waves“. This started on a Sony reel to reel deck, then progressed to Hi-Fi VHS.  I would then transfer only the music to TDK SA-90 cassettes to make mix tapes. I did record each tapes track listing, and at one time I had a scan of them, but that has been lost to time so unfortunately there is no index available.. 

Link to Internet Archives: Brave New Waves – Home Recordings

45 Minute example of the over 30 hours available on the Internet Archive

Brave New waves ran weeknights from around 11PM to 4 AM. On the weekends there was Nightlines with similar hours. For several years, Nightlines was broadcast from my hometown of Winnipeg and I was able to meet the host, Ron Robinson, a truly unique and fascinating radio personality. Ron still broadcasts on local community radio CKUW.

These 2 shows were a very big part of my life for quite a span of time, would love to somehow know the total hours I spent listening. As well, I was able to have some very terrible self-produced music broadcast on both shows. Hopefully a few people find this archive enjoyable.

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