Dial Tone

Telephone Exchange Names


Information related to the history and use of telephone exchange names.


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Northfield Lenox makes extensive use of media samples. Effort has been made to ensure any music contains samples that are either:

            • Licenced for use
            • Identified as public domain
            • Used with permission

If you identify audio that may not meet these criteria, please contact the site.


All images used in the album artwork are from original photos, with the exception of the archive photo used on the track “Phone Book Angels”

Montrose Kellogg


There is a link on the Northfield Lenox SoundCloud page to the artist Montrose Kellogg. As there seem to be similarities between “MK”and “NL” it seemed apt to highlight this music.

There are  tracks posted here referred to as “The 1988 Cassettes”. Inexplicably these are tracks created by a previous iteration of Northfield Lenox recorded over 30 years ago.  These used hardware synths, mostly rented, and were recorded to a four track cassette system. For now no legal or other action is being taken to have these tracks removed due to their historical significance and absolute lack of artistic merit or monetary value.

Suggestions that “MK” is a side project of “NL”are unconfirmed as are rumors of intense rivalry between the artists.

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