Dial Tone

Telephone Exchange Names




Northfield Lenox makes extensive use of music and media samples. Effort has been made to ensure all samples are either;

  • Licenced for use,
  • Identified as public domain, or
  • Used with permission.

If you identify audio that may not meet these criteria, please contact the site.


All images used in the album and track artwork are from original photos, with the exception of:

  • The archive photo of River Elm School used on the track “Phone Book Angels”
  • The Album Cover Photo for “Crystal Radio” which was taken by my father circa 1970.
  • The Album Cover graphics for “The Manitoban” – designed in CANVA.
  • The Northfield Lenox Logo used for “Cloktacs III” which was designed in CANVA. (And includes a secret coded message!)




There is a link on the Northfield Lenox SoundCloud page to the artist WIRETOBA. This is done to clarity that WIRETOBA is not a side project of Northfield Lenox.  Any and all links are unconfirmed as are rumors of an intense rivalry and legal battles between the artists.

Listeners of Northfield Lenox may find similarities between the two artists on a musical structure and instrument level, but please be aware that WIRETOBA does NOT take the same care in production, consistency or ethics that you will find here. You are cautioned NOT to visit this SoundCloud page and to avoid listening at all costs.