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Below is a selection of content accessible only from the Northfield Lenox website. Bits, pieces and tracks that never made their way to full release but may be of interest to a few people.


A video for the 2021 track “Late Night Black and White” made from screen shots of backgrounds from some 1970’s TV Mystery programs.

Audio Part 1

These are unreleased fragments and mixes from 2015 and 2016 made in LMMS. These tracks relate to the “Depot” project and were originally produced with the intent of this being a complete album with an opening theme and several interludes along the way. Thankfully, this never materialized, and “Depot” became a warehouse for the initial releases in March 2016 and then over time, any tracks that had no other home.

Depot Theme
Depot Interlude 1
Depot Interlude 2
Depot Interlude 3
LMMS Instrument and Sample Experiments.
Fifty Six K – Early Mix
Red House – EARLY MIX

Audio Part 2

Two unreleased tracks.

“Agassiz Radio C1” was an unsuccessful submission to the 2019 RADIOPHRENIA music festival.

It incorporates three previously released tracks:

  • Insulation I
  • Phone Book Angels
  • Easter 58
    These all have links to radio media and technology. The program is tied together by interludes and bookends loosely based on the structure of 1940’s radio programming including introductions and sponsorship breaks.
Aggasiz Radio C1

“Ritual” by Northfield Lenox & Gonzalo Serrano (North Hemisphere Mix) Is a slightly different version of the released collaboration that’s located on the CLOKTACS III Album.

Ritual – By Northfield Lenox & Gonzalo Serrano (North Hemisphere Mix)